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Business Finances
Rethinking What Shareholder Value Means 

By not ending too early, the current financial and economic crisis can actually be beneficial for shareholder value, says Urs Peyer, INSEAD associate professor of finance.               read more

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Business Ownership
How Important Is Due Diligence When Buying A Business? 

Performing due diligence prior to closing on the purchase of a business is actually the most important step in buying a business. Unfortunately, it is also a step that many small business buyers approach haphazardly...                         read more

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Business Management
How To Motivate Your Employees 

Surprisingly, you'll find that money doesn't always talk - or at least not the loudest. Money was #8 on a list of 10. Input from over 700 companies showed us that employees are most likely to want to give that extra 10% or more when...              read more

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Technology and Resources
7 Ways To Get Repeat Traffic To Your Website 

Traffic is all well and good, but you know what really gets me excited when I login to my Analytics account? The repeat visitors. The more someone comes back to my site, the more valuable I know the content I've offered.

Sales and Marketing
How to Close the Sale 

The questions that many sales professionals ask are, "When to close a sale? How to close? How not to be pushy?" I still remember my first customers - a sweet young couple on a honeymoon in San Francisco. I was so...                           read more

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Technology and Resources
Implementing a Successful B2B Email Marketing Campaign 

B2B Email Marketing is still considered a very effective marketing approach when creating a buzz about your company, product, or services.                                            read more

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